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Newsletter 4 – October 2013

2014 BUCA Championship

We’re late in getting around to distributing the entry form this year. The reason for this is that the person who was booking the hotel on our behalf was on holiday for three weeks… The contract is now signed, however, so I am free to announce the event!

There are a few differences in 2014:

(1) The tournament is split into 2 sections. The AGM wanted me to do this given round 1 was always 4-0, as near as makes no difference. So I have! The Championship section will be for 1st teams, and the Plate section will be for 2nd teams, 3rd teams etc. and any 1st teams whose average grade is under 140. There’ll be a bit of discretion in that given not everyone will be graded, but there we go.

(2) Hotel: We’re now at the Park Inn in West Bromwich. There are advantages to this over Wycombe: It’s more central, and the accommodation is cheaper. You will be able to book two twins if you want, which will save you £31 per team compared with 2013. That it’s a 20-minute public transport journey from where I live is nothing to do with it…

(3) Start times. We will start half an hour later on Saturday and half an hour earlier on Sunday. This might help people stay for prizegiving, rather than running off like last year; leaving me with many uncollected prizes that no one laid claim to (with one exception).

It will be played on the weekend of 22nd/23rd February. The University needs to be BUCA members to play in this, which brings me to…

2013/14 BUCA Membership

The form is already on the website. One university managed to become a member and pay already! The cost is £10 before 31st December; £20 thereafter. There are equipment deals with Chess & Bridge to make you aware of. See here for all of those details: Membership Form

2013 English Chess Federation AGM

BUCA is an ECF member, and as such I represented BUCA at the AGM. Nothing particularly happened of relevance to BUCA. Of interest to you may be that Andrew Paulson was elected as ECF President. He is in charge of AGON, the company that runs the World Chess Championship in co-ordination with FIDE. I was re-elected as Director of Home Chess. One of Paulson’s aims is to make chess a sport, which may help us with the next item…

BUCA, International Chess, etc.

You may or may not know that British University & College Sport (BUCS) prevents us from playing chess at the World Student Games and the World University Chess Championship. I have a contact with the Sport & Recreation Alliance via the ECF, and I will be explaining what’s gone on to them in a bid to see if they can help us participate in these events.

If there is any information that needs to be reported, please let me know, and I will add it to a future newsletter.

Alex Holowczak

BUCA Secretary (admin@buca.org.uk)


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