2010 World Universities' Championship

1st May 2010 5:00

The 2010 World Universities’ Chess Championship will be played between September 4-12 in Zurich, Switzerland. BUCA, in liaison with British Universities’ College & Sport will be responsible for organising a team of up to 8 players, in which no more than 5 can be of the same gender, can attend the event.

Players must be a member of a British Federation (i.e. England, Scotland, Wales). It is not sufficient to just be a British citizen.

Players must be a member of a society which is a member of BUCA. If your society is not a member, then follow the instructions on that page for them to become one. If your University does not have a society, why not set one up? Get in touch with your Student Guild/Union, and you can set one up. Even if you’re the only member of a fledgling society, you are able to be selected for this event.

Players must be under the age of 28. This rule is imposed by the WUCC organisers.

There will probably be some sort of funding available for this event, although the precise details are yet to be finalised.

Please e-mail Alex Holowczak if you are interested in playing in this event.