BUCA Team Manager Required

2nd May 2010 5:00

The British Universities’ Chess Association is looking for a Team Manager to captain a group of up to 8 students in the 2010 World Universities’ Chess Championship in Zurich, Switzerland between September 4-12, 2010.

Responsibilities include:

- Responsible for all aspects of team registration & accreditation.

- Represent Great Britain in all official championship meetings and any one-off matters (e.g. draws, match times/conditions, transport, accommodation, meals, etc).

- Ensure Great Britain is appropriately represented at any official functions to which it is invited, including Opening & Closing ceremonies.

- Ultimate responsibility for the behaviour, conduct and well being of the team and staff alike during the preparation phases as well as the Championship period. It will be expected that a squad specific Code of Conduct is developed and adhered to.

- Responsibility for all media liaison.

- Responsible for producing a comprehensive post Championship report within one month.

The covering of expenses is dependent on acquiring sponsorship for the event.

Contact BUCA via the Contact tab if you’re interested.